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Graduate Students

Phd Students 

 Mehrdad Poursina, Simulation of forming processes by FEM Awarded as Best PhD Graduate of IUT in 2004.


 Mohammad Mashayekhi, 3D damage evaluation in ductile materialAwarded as Best PhD thesis in Mechanical Engineering by the Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2006.


 Alireza Abedian, Finite Cell Method

 Maedeh Ranjbar, Finite Cell Method

 Yaser Mirbagheri, Finite Cell Method

 Master Students :


 M. Elkins, Optimum shape of dams using BEM, 1996.

 Harouni Mahdian , FEA of minibus chassis, 2000.

 Karimitabar, A dynamic model to study the impact of state policies of agricultural sector of the economy, 2001.

 S. Khademi, A system dynamic model to evaluate the role of universities in development, 2001.

 S. Ettahadtavakkol, A dynamic model to study the impact of Education on development, 2001.

 V. Moghaddam, A system dynamic model for urban development, 2002.

 M. Nosouhi, A dynamic model of e-commerce, 2003.

 S. Mossadegh, Design and building of a pick and put 2D ROBOT, 2003.

 N. Aghili, Planning higher education: A dynamic model, 2003.

 N. Naji, Adaptive control of economic systems, 2004.

Rajabzadeh, Oil and development: a dynamic approach, 2005.

 H. Tarkesh Isfahan, Multi-agent systems, Awarded as the best graduate of the country, 2005.


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